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About GA

Growth Academy is aimed at accelerating high growth Nigerian start-ups to develop solutions that will solve real market needs.


The technology start-up industry in Nigeria has a large pool of passionate individuals usually faced with the lack of appropriate support and enabling environment to apply their expertise in solving day to day problems in Nigeria and Africa.

To address these challenges, Nokia teamed up with Co-Creation Hub to create the Nokia/CcHub Growth Academy Program. GA provides hands-on support to help tech start-ups build world class scalable mobile applications for the Nokia platform.


GA runs four three-month cycles in a year starting from May to July. At the end of each stream, each start-up will have a world class scalable app launched on the Nokia platform (with full marketing support from Nokia).

The program is in three parts i.e. Capacity building, Product development and Launch. Each start-up undergoes hands-on prototype development and structured training with modules such as business model development, project implementation plan and lean product development. Tailored technical training and support will be provided by Futurice, a global training organization with expertise in mobile application development and user driven design.

During product development each start-up is complemented with the best of resources i.e. one-on-one mentorship, project implementation plan; and market research support to ensure that solutions meet specific market needs.

The last phase of the programme is dedicated to product testing, pilot launch and value redesign based on initial customer feedback. Each start-up will also pitch at an open Pitchfest to the wider community and investors as part of the final product launch.


Growth Academy is delivered by world class organizations each with proven expertise in the delivery of specific aspects of the program.

About Nokia

Nokia’s mission is simple: Connecting People. Our goal is to build great mobile products that enable billions of people worldwide to enjoy more of what life has to offer. Our challenge is to achieve this in an increasingly dynamic and competitive environment. Ideas. Energy. Excitement. Opportunities. In today's mobile world, it feels like anything is possible - and that's what inspires us to get out of bed every day.

About Co-creation Hub

CcHUB is a social innovation centre dedicated to accelerating the application of social capital and technology for economic prosperity. Our technology hub which is the first in Nigeria serves as an Open Living Lab in which user-driven innovation is fully integrated in the co-creative process of new services, products and societal

About Futurice

Futurice Ltd is a consulting company employing Agile development methods to create web and mobile software and provide on-site technical training and coaching. The head office is in Helsinki with branches in Tampere, Berlin, Dusseldorf and London. Futurice is one of the fastest growing companies in the Finnish information technology branch and was ranked Finland's best place to work in 2012. It was founded in 2000 and currently employs over 150 professionals. For more information, visit

The Process

GA is a fairly rigorous accelerator program for enterpreneurs who are willing to commit their time, energy and resources to making their start-ups successful.

Open Application: GA holds every quarter for 10 start-ups; interested applicants can apply by completing this form .

Shortlist: A panel of judges from Nokia and CcHUB will review all applications and shortlist according to the qualifying criteria . Applicants will be notified if shortlisted. Where not shortlisted, applicants can re-apply for the next stream in the next quarter.

Interviews: Shortlisted applicants will go through an interview to determine their suitability for the program. The interview will involve technical tests to determine:

  • developers with requisite level of hands-on technical know-how to go through the program
  • that start-ups are committed to delivering an application within the 3 months of the Growth Academy

Qualifying Criteria

Growth Academy is open to start-ups with Java ME (J2ME) prototypes of innovative ideas for an app that addresses specific needs in finance, education, healthcare, agriculture, entertainment, small business development, environment, inclusive technology. Each start-up should comprise of at least two (2) core team members including a lead developer with experience in developing apps for the Nokia platform.

Availability: We expect each participant to attend all training sessions and spend at least 20-30 hours per week developing their applications, corresponding with mentors and communicating on the online platform.

Nature of Idea: The Academy is designed to support start-ups with very early stage ideas. Ideas must aim to create significant positive social, economic or environmental value to users, in a self-sustainable manner. Start-ups must be new initiatives and not be carried out in addition to an existing project or on behalf of another business.

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